QUANTech #5

by QICT_master

What is QUANTech? An easy-to-digest selection of what’s hot in tech and the impact on society to help you keep ahead in this rapidly changing digital world.

QUANTech is brought to you by Denys Malengreau (@D_MLG), digital advisor to QUANT.

This week was all about China. I headed over to Paris for the two-day China Connect conference to know more about how China is moving forward with digital. It was striking to learn at the same time that WeChat (sort of a Facebook Messenger of China, more advanced) hit the 1-billion monthly active users mark as stated by parent company Tencent CEO Ma Huateng.

Meanwhile, we reportedly have heard from Amazon’s plans to start offering bank accounts. While some could think of the e-commerce giant to dig cryptocurrency, this is a move making sense for the company to limit the fees it pays for payment processing.

On its side, Google has built the world’s most advanced quantum chip which contains 72 quantum bits (qubits). The previous record to date was known from IBM with 50 qubits.


Facebook wants a robot to be your personal photographer.
Sierra Leone held the world’s first Blockchain-powered election.
Twitter could soon open up verification to everyone.

We are ending this week’s review with knowledge sharing. We held a digital identity management training internally this Friday. Here are the slides for you to know more about the topic.

Talk soon!

Denys Malengreau